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➔ Cypherpunk Bitstream 0x0b: The Roots of Parallel Polis

   |   1 minute read
We talk with Martin Leskovjan and Juraj Bednár about the roots of Parallel Polis, a socio-political concept created by Václav Benda in connection with Charter 77. Parallel Polis was about creating parallel societies during the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. We also cover how it inspired and influenced the contemporary projects Paralelní Polis in Prague and Paralelna Polis in Bratislava in which Martin and Juraj are involved. What can we learn from the Parallel Polis concept for contemporary freedom movements?

➔ Cypherpunk Bitstream 0x07: Pandemic I

   |   18 minute read

Frank Braun talks with Arto Bendiken about the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). How did we get here and what convinced us to prep. Paranoia, case fatality rates, and vaccines. Secondary and tertiary effects. Normalcy, authority, and confirmation bias.


➔ Cypherpunk Bitstream 0x06: Security II

   |   10 minute read

We talk about major threats to security, mainly focussed on future threats and the reaction from security services. Some keywords are: Nuclear proliferation, robotic warfare, technology regulation, surveillance state, bioterrorism, and omniviolence.

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